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Spice It Up
With Tampico Spice
Who We Are

Why are the Tampico Spice Company’s herbs and spices the freshest, most aromatic and pungent available?
Because we buy and import the freshly harvested seasonings from growers around the world. Each product is stored whole until we re-clean, grind, sift and blend it at our Los Angeles, California facility, always in small batches to maintain optimal freshness.
In addition, each one of the Tampico Spice Company’s herbs and spices is inspected several times to ensure consistent quality over time. Products are tested after they’re unloaded from the container, again when they’re ready to be processed, and once more after processing is complete.

Spice up your recipes with delicious herbs and spices from the Tampico Spice Company!

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About Us

We are your partners for growth.

  • Retail

    Small cellophane packages of herbs and spices sold in grocery stores for home cooking.

  • Industrial

    Large drums of bulk spices for food manufacturers, meat packers, bakeries and wholesalers.

  • Food Service

    One- and five-pound jars of food services spices for restaurants, schools, hospitals and distributors.

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